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As retail food production continues to grow and increase in response to COVID-19, the need for safety and reliability while continuing to keep employees safe also grows. What if you could find a solution that could increase manufacturing volume with less manual labor and without compromising employee safety? We offer rental options for our banding machines, so even if you’re only looking for a temporary solution, we’ve got you covered.


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Welcome! This is Food for Thought with Felins Foodie.

Our world has had to make a lot of adjustments in response to COVID-19. While this has affected everyone differently, food manufacturers experienced a reduction in food service and an increase in retail food products.

Not only have food manufacturers needed to increase production, but they have also been faced with the obstacle of finding and maintaining manual labor while ensuring that they keep all of their employees safe. Whether certain food products needed to be manually labeled, sleeved, or unitized they needed to be produced at higher volumes and in a significantly shorter time.

What if you could label, sleeve, or stack automatically?

What if you could roll in a machine in a time of need to help label retail products with less manual labor?

What if you could own, rent, or even lease this equipment in order to bring a more automated retail labeling solution to your floor?


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Our ultrasonic banding equipment can do just that!

With the addition of just one bander, the manual speeds can be increased significantly. Even if you’re only looking for a temporary solution, we can offer equipment for rent or lease.


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Keeping up with demands will always be a challenge in the food industry and with additional factors and challenging times, it is crucial that food manufacturers have flexible solutions that allow them to continue production for various products in a safe environment.

With ultrasonic banding, we can become a partner, helping manufacturers band products with one solution, capable of running sustainable, earth-friendly materials with vibrant graphics, as well as offering a solution that can run both single products and multi-packs.

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