What is ultrasonic banding?

what is ultrasonic banding?


So, you’re searching for the best solution for bundling or labeling your products? Or you have an existing solution but are exploring other options? We know it can be difficult to find a perfect fit, especially if you’re working with more than one product (even harder if they’re different sizes, shapes or materials!). 

Whether you’re new to bundling or a well-versed veteran, we’re confident there’s one solution you should learn more about before making your final decision:




Sounds fancy, right? Well.. we call it the “elite” form of bundling for a reason! But that doesn’t mean it’s confusing to implement or operate. In fact, ultrasonic banding offers some of the most streamlined, efficient systems on the market. But what exactly is an ultrasonic bander?

Simply put, ultrasonic banding is an efficient way of bundling, labeling or unitizing a single product or group of products without external heat or adhesives.

banded bundle illustration


In technical terms: ultrasonic banding uses an ultrasonic weld on polypropylene banding material to keep a strong hold around products.

If you’re confused, that’s okay! Let’s dig a little deeper with a brief FAQ:


Q: What is an ultrasonic weld?

A: An ultrasonic weld is created when high-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations are applied to material(s) held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld.


Q: How is the ultrasonic weld used in the process of banding?

A: The ultrasonic weld is used to secure the band it itself. 

ultrasonic banding illustration, top of bundle                ultrasonic banding illustration, bottom of bundle

Q: What creates the ultrasonic vibrations?

A: Each ultrasonic banding machine features a sonotrode that applies vibrations to the material.

ultrasonic banding close up illustration

Q: What material is used? 

A: Ultrasonic banding is very flexible when it comes to material. The machines can accommodate both paper and plastic material in varying strengths, thicknesses and widths up to 4 inches wide. 


Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about how ultrasonic banding machines can enhance your products and operations! We’re excited to get you up to speed. 

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