floral bunching and tying


bunched, packaged flower bouquets

Don't let productivity and safety be an either/or when it comes to securing bunches or bouquets with our florist packaging supplies.

From rubber banding to other floral packaging machines, we're committed to helping growers and wholesalers keep productivity high without compromising worker safety.

Additional strapping equipment benefits include:

  • Customizable options
  • Eliminate repetitive motion injuries
  • Allergen and latex-free materials available 

Floral Machinery

ATSATS - US-2000 Models
This heavy duty, top-of-the line, semi-automatic banding machine is the only ultrasonic banding machine on the market. The ultrasonic weld is fast, clean, efficient, and consistent in eliminating the variability that heat…
offset tying machine
This innovative, advanced elastic tying machine is an excellent alternative to rubber banding and twist tying. Althouth it is used heavily in the floral and agricultural industries, this machine can be adapted for nearly any…
Automatic Rubber Bander (ARB) bundling machine
We focus on providing an alternative and more efficient way to apply rubber bands to your product. Felins’ Automatic Rubber Banding (ARB) Machine loads, stretches and applies each band from a continuous roll of hundreds of…