banding and strapping of currency and money


We understand in banking, casinos, or security-related services, cash management and security of transactions is of the utmost importance.  Banks and security companies come back to us again and again because strapping cash ​securely is a Felins specialty.  

The Felins solutions band with tamper proof material for safety and security.  We help our customers to strap cash and other bank notes with low or high volume machines. 
Our solutions include:

  • Portable table-top strapping machines
  • Banding automation with vision systems and quality inspection
  • ​​High speed banding and feeders

See how easy it is to find the best solution for your cash management needs.

Provide us with a few details in the contact form and we’ll have an experienced packaging consultant show you how Felins bundling solutions can reduce your packaging material and labor costs.

Banking Machinery

Loop-Plus semi-automatic strapping machine
Strapping is a multipurpose bundling method that provides strength and security when bundling a wide variety of products together. The Loop-Plus® strapping machine provides protection and tamper proof security for…
ATSATS - US-2000 Models
This heavy duty, top-of-the line, semi-automatic banding machine is the only ultrasonic banding machine on the market. The ultrasonic weld is fast, clean, efficient, and consistent in eliminating the variability that heat…