We cater to a number of different industries with our various packaging technologies. In food, we offer adhesive free labeling, automated paperboard sleeving, club packing, and even rotisserie chicken trussing machines. Strapping has been the default form of bundling in corrugated for years, but for boxes that can’t be damaged, we offer a wide, gentle to prevent the corner damage associated with strapping. For industrial laundries, we offer tying and wrapping equipment ranging from stand-alone, semi-automatic equipment to full scale automation and conveyance with intelligent traffic control. In healthcare we offer bundling solutions that take up minimal plant space and don’t required the heat associated with shrink film. In print we offer banding solutions which unitize photo cards, envelopes, booklets, etc. These are just a few of the industries that we serve. Visit one of our industry pages below for more details.

corrugated banding and strapping


Is strapping damaging your product? Are you boxing boxes? Are you using excess labor or materials to package your products?


The corrugated packaging machine you've been waiting for, with one important goal in mind - Optimize product bundling to save both you and your customers time and money.banded corrugated products

Benefits of banding with cardboard machinery include:

  • Eliminate product damage
  • Eliminate need to apply protective materials
  • Increase throughput
  • Increase labor savings
  • Decrease inefficiencies 

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Corrugated Machinery

ATSUS-2000 AST-MDM 900x500 banding machine for the corrugated industry
Specialty boxes can be challenging to successfully bundle.  By using a gentle, strong, wide ribbon-like band, banding allows our corrugated customers to increase tension on their bundles without causing the edge damage that…
ATSUS-2000 TRS-SW 550
Designed around our ultrasonic banding machines, we provide a variety of automated packaging equipment for use in the corrugated industry. From standard to fully-automated, these systems require little-to-no operator…
Flex-Strap stretch film banding machine
A unique alternative form of bundling, our Flex-Strap™ semi-automatic stretch film banding machines securely bundle and protect corrugated products without causing damage. With their capability to prevent unwrapping while in…