Sustainability in Packaging


Sustainable product packaging is our passion. We're inspired to create innovative alternatives because every packaging decision should help, not hurt, our planet.


Core Values

  • BE RAD. Be reliable, accountable dependable
  • HAVE FUN. Enjoy your work, life is too short not to!
  • AIM FORWARD. Create, innovate, continuously improve and excel personally and as a team
  • RISE ABOVE. Operate with honesty and integrity in all you do
  • CANDOR WITH CARE. Be honest and direct but never mean or hurtful
  • COMMIT TO ALL CUSTOMERS. Customer commitment comes first, both internally and externally


Sustainable product packaging is at the core of everything we do at Felins. We actively create, innovate and continuously improve any area where we can have an impact on sustainability. With an unending desire to do more with less, we have embarked on a company-wide initiative to fundamentally change the choices we make when it comes to sustainability and sustainable packaging. We are proud of the sustainable journey we are taking. Below are some of the initiatives that we are particularly proud of, however, this list is not comprehensive nor is it an indication that we have completed our sustainability journey. We are passionate about finding ways to continue to improve our sustainability efforts.


Initiatives Inside felins

Go Paperless:

  • 14,705+ pounds of paper have been eliminated since tracking began in 2015

No More Foam:

  • We have eliminated the use of all Styrofoam based products from our operations including foam cups and foam packaging materials 

Recycle PPM:

  • All Corrugated Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, and Metal is recycled including metal from our manufacturing operation

No Bottled Water:

  • We have installed in-line water filtration systems to eliminate the need for water bottles or reusable cooler jugs and the related transportation impact


  • We have provided reusable cups for coffee, espresso, and water for all employees to reduce the need for single-use cups. We also reuse packaging materials whenever possible to reduce the packaging materials needed to ship our products


  • We have installed energy-efficient temperature controls and lighting to reduce power and energy consumption and costs 


In our products

Rolls of banding material on shelves

Felins’ specialty in the world of conservation (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is in Reducing packaging mass. All of our packaging alternatives involve a significant reduction in packaging mass (up to 95%) and a significant positive impact on the bottom line. We also strive to use packaging materials that are good for the environment. Our portfolio of packaging materials includes recyclable and compostable materials. Our equipment is designed to be long-lasting easily repairable, and designed to minimize power and packaging material consumption. Our solutions are not only good for the planet, they yield an attractive payback period ranging from 2 months to 2 years.


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