Stretch Film Banding

stretch film banded products

Whether your product is big, small, strong, delicate or abnormal in shape, stretch film banding should be on your radar. With adjustable wrapping tension and flexible material, stretch film machines can fit the needs of nearly any product. 

Additional benefits of automatic stretch film wrapping machines include:

  • Heat seal keeps material adhered to itself
  • Keeps products secure without damage
  • Spiral banding secures irregular lengths
  • Uses economical material


Our semi-automatic Flex-Strap™ machines are a perfect introduction into stretch film banding and wrapping.

Flex-Strap stretch film banding machine
A unique alternative form of bundling, our semi-automatic, heavy duty Flex-Strap™ stretch film banding machines securely bundle and protect your products. With its capability to prevent unwrapping while in transit, the heat…
Flex-Strap Tandem semi-automatic stretch film banding system
What’s better than one? TWO. By combining two Flex-Strap™ XL-24 bundle wrapping machines into one system with conveyance, the Flex-Strap Tandem is the perfect bundle machine for facilities struggling to meet throughput goals…


For facilities with high throughput looking to reduce labor costs, an automated Flex-StrapTM is the perfect solution. 

Flex-Strap XLA automated stretch film banding system
If you’re interested in increasing productivity and reducing labor costs to the fullest extent then take stretch film banding to the next step with full automation. With our years of experience and knowledgeable application…

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