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Are you looking for packaging solutions for consumer goods? Do you need packaging equipment for products of various shapes and sizes? What options are there for sustainable retail packaging? Consumer trends aren't what they were yesterday. The ways people learn, think and shop change nearly constantly, making it more important than ever to capture consumers with attractive packaging that's unique and sustainable. Felins can help your company find the right packaging equipment and packaging machines. From banding to shrink wrapping, we offer commercial packaging solutions that can significantly reduce packaging materials used while making your product display-ready for store shelves or safely protected for the challenging requirements of e-commerce.

Retail Ready Packaging

Additional benefits include:

  • Secure For Transit: Our packaging solutions can help protect your products for transportation.
  • Adhesive-Free: Our packaging material can be removed without a knife, cutters, or scissors.
  • Variety of Technologies and Materials: We have 8 different product technologies to choose from and our expert representatives can show you different solutions based on your application. We can take in a sample of your product and test it for free.Yarn Packaging


  • Custom and Automated Options: We offer semi-automatic for smaller operations or fully-automated systems. Felins can customize any system to meet your needs.
  • Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Options: We have recyclable papers, recyclable plastics, transparent films for showcasing products, and compostable materials to give you the flexibility to meet consumer demands for sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Additional Marketing: Pre-printable banding is available for additional branding and product information
  • Inline Printers: Our bander machines can be integrated with inline printers for consumer information, variable data, bar codes, expiration dates, lot codes, QR codes, and more.

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For more information on our consumer goods packaging solutions, click on the thumbnails below for more details about each machine. To see our machines in action, click play: 

Consumer Goods Machinery

ATSATS - US-2000 Models
This heavy duty, top-of-the line, semi-automatic banding machine is the only ultrasonic banding machine on the market. The ultrasonic weld is fast, clean, efficient, and consistent in eliminating the variability that heat…
TPS automatic laundry wrapping machine
Small or single-piece bundling? It usually means long hours, lots of wasted material and less-than-efficient throughput. But, with the TPS Automatic Laundry Wrapping Machine, you’ll forget the days of manual bagging or…
offset tying machine
This innovative, advanced elastic tying machine is an excellent alternative to rubber banding and twist tying. Although it is used heavily in the floral and agricultural industries, this machine can be adapted for nearly any…
rotary tying machine
Available in a variety of sizes, the semi-automatic Rotary Pak-Tyer™ has fully adjustable tension and is perfect for nearly every industry. Additional features include: American-made quality and reliability Unique pivot arm…
TP-150 automatic shrink wrapping machine
Whether they’re tall, small, hard or soft, your products need to be protected from dirt, damage and debris. But since manual wrapping is so labor intensive and dangerous, it can be difficult to find the best solution. Our…
ATSUS-2000 TRW-FD-J - E-Commerce Packaging
Looking for a fully automated stacking and banding system? The high performance TRW-FD-J system automatically stacks different size products, with personalized printing of variable data and stack information available. This…

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