Where does the funny name come from?

Our founder's name was Fred E. Lins. We've considered changing our name but we've come to appreciate its uniqueness.


What does Felins do?

We provide six different packaging technologies - banding, tying, shrink film, stretch film, rubber banding and strapping. For each of these technologies, we sell the equipment, consumable packaging material, and parts.  We also provide application and technical service support for all of these technologies to our customers worldwide.


How did you choose the 6 technologies you have?

We believe that every packaging decision should help, not hurt, our planet. We focus on packaging solutions that minimize the amount of packaging material needed and allow our customers to focus their labor on the upstream production processes.


Is Felins a manufacturer or distributor?

We're both. In some cases, we've found fantastic equipment already being produced and have worked to make those companies our suppliers. In others, we've developed equipment to fill a hole in the packaging market with our own equipment.


How long have you been in business?

We were founded in 1921.


Do you have a local representative in my area?

We have sales/service partners all over the world. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to work through how we can best support your needs.


Given the unique nature of your packaging solutions, how do I know if they will work for my products?

Making a change to your business is never easy. We work with our customers to ensure they can fully evaluate if we are a good fit for them. This includes processing their product samples on our equipment, working through shipping tests, equipment demos & rentals, operating leases, performance guarantees, etc.


How much do your products & MACHINES cost?

Our focus is to provide each customer with the exact solution they need, not just an off-the-shelf packaging machine. When combined with the unique nature of our business, it can be difficult to publish exact pricing. What we CAN say is we offer everything from material at $5/roll to fully customized automation systems for upwards of six figures. Luckily, our packaging consultants can usually provide you with an estimate after just a few qualifying questions. 

Want help identifying the sustainable packaging solution that is best for you?

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