banding and packaging of printed products


Commercial printing companies look to our bundling solutions to help keep printed material secure and undamaged by banding or shrink wrapping high-end printed materials. 

With the growth of the digital, variable print market, preventing damage to printed products is even more critical than it was for the large static jobs of the past.

We provide semi-automatic, or fully automated, high speed banding systems for large print jobs that include in-line control and sequential shutdown for in-line integration of product.

Do you need?

  • Security to keep cut and stack labels in place 
  • Easily removable banding
  • Paper banding
  • Plastic banding
  • ​Printed banding – bar code, date stamped, pre-printed branding, etc.

Provide us with a few details on the contact form and we’ll have an experienced packaging consultant show you how Felins bundling solutions can reduce your packaging material and labor costs.

Print Machinery

ATSUS-2000 AD banding machine for printed product packaging
Banding is used to gently yet securely bundle and/or apply a non-adhesive ultrasonically sealed band to nearly any type of printed or stationary product. Our banding machines are designed to be used in heavy use printing…
ATSFSB-A automated banding system for printed products
Designed around our ultrasonic banding machines, we provide a variety of automated solutions for use in the print industry. From standard to fully-automated, these systems require little-to-no operator assistance and can be…
ATSHeat seal banding machines
Perfect for growing print shops, our line of heat seal machines provides an excellent introduction to banding. Easy to operate and maintain, these machines will quickly improve your packaging operations with minimal…
Flex-Strap XL-110 stretch film banding machine
A unique alternative to strapping, our semi-automatic, Flex-Strap™ stretch film banding machines securely bundle and protect large bundles of printed products. With its capability to prevent unwrapping while in transit, the…
Mail Tray-Tyer tying machine for mail trays and tubs
We provide a variety of different tying options for the print industry.  If you are looking for the most economical method of bundling your products, tying is the answer. We have tying machines that will: Secure closed mail…