laundry bundling


We know commercial laundries rely on consistent, effective processes that result in presentable products - every time. That's why automation is our speciality. Whether stand-alone, semi-automatic, or fully automated, our machines: 

  • Increase PPOH [pounds per operator hour]
  • Control product flow
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve bundle presentation

From high-end hospitality linens to shop towels, sanitized hospital linens, and even rolled rugs, our systems are designed to transform your business from chaos to control and improve ROI. 

Want more information? View some of our models below, follow us on Twitter, or contact us any time. We're excited to find the Felins solution for you!

Laundry Machinery

Pak-Tyer tying machine for laundry products
Our semi-automatic Pak-Tyer™ and Rotary Pak-Tyer™ (RPT) machines are highly versatile, reliable, and increase productivity. They're the perfect replacement for laborious hand tying and dangerous, product damaging strapping…
ALTS Automated Laundry Tying System
From backlogs to rework to labor shortages, we know the laundry industry faces challenges unlike almost any other. That’s why we designed our automated tying systems specifically for improving PPOH in commercial and…
TP-300 laundry shrink wrapping machine
When its clean, laundry should stay that way. But since manual wrapping is so labor intensive and dangerous, it can be difficult to find the best solution. Our line of shrink wrapping systems is designed to make wrapping a…
ATSUS-2000 TRW-MP automated banding system for laundry
Tracking your products through the cleaning and delivery process is becoming continually more important.  With the introduction of banding into your facility, you can now print variable data directly onto a band which will…