Enhance your investment with the proper operator or maintenance training.  We offer training at your facility or ours.  Our highly trained Service Engineers enjoy the training process and have a passion for showing both operators and technicians how to best utilize our equipment.

Operator Training

We customize these sessions for your machine and industry and  our skilled Service Engineers give an in-depth hands-on training session.  At the end of the session, your operators will know how to get the most efficient work from the machines and how to troubleshoot issues and when to call maintenance.

A typical course includes:  

  • Full machine/system capabilities overview
  • Course materials and workbooks
  • Operation instruction
  • Safety instruction
  • Troubleshooting instruction
  • Simple jam evaluation
  • Materials differentiation
  • Suggested maintenance schedule
  • When to call maintenance
  • Q&A

Maintenance Training

An in-depth look at the machine’s or system’s workings helps maintenance personnel understand how and why the machines operate as they do.  Keeping your machines running efficiently gives you a competitive advantage.  At the end of this session, your maintenance staff will be able to fully maintain the machines, program them and troubleshoot issues.

Our typical course includes:      

  • Course materials and workbooks
  • Understanding the machine
  • Disassemble  and re-construct the machines and systems
  • Tips and techniques on better maintaining the equipment
  • Safety instruction and compliance
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • When to call the Felins’ technical hot-line
  • Q&A

Be sure to schedule your training when you order a new Felins bundling machine or as a refresher for new staff.  Simply ask your representative or fill in the Contact Us form on this page.  

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