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The newest, most innovating bundling technology? Ultrasonic banding! By now, you may know how banding can improve packaging line productivity and why you may want to invest in banding automation, but what about the material? 

While it isn’t something most customers immediately consider, choosing material is just as important as the machine itself. Why? Because every product is different and requires specific attention to detail. Thankfully, banding offers a variety of materials to fit nearly any application.

At Felins, we have a team of application specialists who carefully evaluate each product and work to identify the best fit machinery and material for the application. So, whether you need a strong hold for transportation or high-quality artwork for POP displays, our team will find the best material for you.     

Here’s a quick overview of your options:


Available in either brown or white, our strong paper is extremely cost-effective and specifically designed to work flawlessly in our equipment. When paired with our machines, you can be sure you’ll get a strong seal and avoid feeding issues experienced with lesser quality paper material.



Several types of white film are available. Our silky white film is completely opaque and great for printing; colors show up bright and vibrant!

Need to save a little? We also have a foamed white film – it feels similar to a ribbon – that uses 1/3 less plastic than regular film and is the most cost-effective available. BONUS: it’s available with additional stretch or laminated!



When product quality and appearance is important, transparent film is the perfect way to show it off. Whether you need to print on it or an extremely strong hold, we have a transparent film that will work for you!



Is your product very delicate? Maybe it’s slippery? Or fairly small? No matter the problem you’re facing, there is a film that will help reduce or eliminate your inefficiencies. We offer stretchy film, perforated film, laminated film, high-density film, and, of course, cost-effective film.

After all, we don’t just sell products off the shelf. We pride ourselves on engineering solutions (that means machine, material, AND service!) to truly solve your problems.


Unsure which material to choose? Contact us and one of our material experts will be in touch to help you select the best material for your product or application. 

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