Counting & Stacking

counting and stacking machines for packaging and banding
counting and stacking banding system
automated banding system for counting and stacking

Product Description

Designed around our ultrasonic banding machines, we provide a variety of automated counting machines. From standard to fully customized, these industrial ATS banders require little-to-no operator assistance and can be fully customized to meet your packaging needs. Some of the automated product counting machines we've provided in the past include:


  • Down stacking unit that delicately manages the stacking process for fragile and difficult to handle product
  • Great for clam shells, trays, rounds products
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  • Down stacking unit that unitizes products for bulk/club packs with a wide format label
  • Label can be customized (i.e. date codes, ingredient lists, etc) during the banding process
  • Great for cartons, trays, tubs, clam shells
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  • Up-stacking unit which carefully controls products during the stacking process
  • Can create various bundle configurations (1x2, 2x2, 2x3, etc)
  • Great for small boxes, cartons, 5th panel boxes
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  • Multiple banding head system capable of banding up to 300 cartons/min
  • Reorients and groups products for fast and efficient banding
  • Great for small boxes and cartons
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Product Documents

Product Documents


From initial inquiry through post-installation service and support, our main goal is to provide each customer with a complete solution. That includes the proper service, parts, and of course, consumable banding materials that run best in our machines.

Designed specifically to work in our ultrasonic banding machines, our materials are optimized to keep your operations up and running. We also work diligently to ensure we have the materials in stock when you need them so you can feel confident your packaging materials will always be available.

Our most popular material options include:

  • FWG – Soft ribbon-like plastic film perfect for product with delicate edges
  • FTN – Strong, transparent film perfect for showcasing your product
  • FSW – White smooth film perfect for high quality pre-printed graphics or real-time in-line printing
  • Paper – Brown or White paper for applications where easy removal is imperative (it can be torn by hand)

Other options include:

  • Compostable materials
  • Recyclable materials
  • Food grade materials
  • Thick stock paper to simulate chipboard sleeves




I want to tell you, this is the quickest and best support I have ever had.  Expectations exceeded.  I sent a video clip and some pictures to a technician at Felins and they immediately diagnosed my problem.

Carey K , Owner, Gepetto's Joe to Go

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