ATS - US-2100 Models

US-2100, wide format, ultra-sonic banding machine, paper banding, plastic banding, preprinted banding material

Product Description

All of the same benefits that come from the US-2000 are now available in a wider band format (up to a 4” wide band). This heavy duty, semi-automatic banding machine uses ultra-sonic welding technology and includes other unique features such as:

  • Diverse number of machine options, configurations, sizes and features
  • Easy to set-up, use and maintain
  • Robust ultra-sonic welding technology
  • Digital operator interface
  • Contains a long roll dispenser
  • Highly versatile for limitless applications
  • Limitless options for materials (see Materials tab below)
  • Many models do not require costly compressed air
  • “Branding with banding”- custom imprinting on the material
  • Automation and customization options available
  • Complimentary operator and service training available
  • World class local service and support

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One of the great features of the US-2000 line of banding machines is the diversity of different ultrasonic banding materials available for these machines. Felins' ultrasonic banding materials are designed to flow through our machines without the jams, breakages, and other headaches associated with other lesser quality materials. 

As the equipment and material supplier, we can guarantee that our machines will work consistently and repeatedly for years to come when used with our ultrasonic materials. In addition, we understand the importance of having material available at a moment's notice and stock a large variety of ultrasonic material at our warehouse and throughout our distribution network. 

Below is a summary of our more common materials, but we also offer a variety of specialty and custom printed banding materials to solve virtually any requirement.

  • Paper Bands – We carry a variety of different ultrasonic papers to address your needs.  We have options for different colors, material thickness, and varying widths.
  • Transparent Plastic Bands – Similar to our paper bands we have a variety of different transparent bands.  As with all of our banding materials we have various thickness and widths available.  We also have multiple different base materials to choose from to ensure that, products look good on a retail shelf, bar codes can be easily scanned (through the band), or to ensure that pre-printed graphics can be protected from scratches and scuff marks.
  • Opaque Plastic Bands – In addition to the various different thicknesses and widths available, the diversity of different base materials provides a multitude of options.  We offer materials that are good for in-line printing, offer superior strength, and we even have a material infused with air bubbles to decrease plastic density (and cost).
  • Colored Plastic Bands – Our standard colors include baby blue, black, gold, hunter green, purple, red, royal blue, turquoise, and burgundy.  These colors are all on a base material that has an elegant ribbon appearance to it.
  • Custom Bands – Don’t see what you’re looking for above?  We can work with you to find a band that will work including custom printing your logo, instructions for your customer, and even variable data like pricing and expiration dates.

For more information regarding our banding materials please call the phone number at the top of the page or fill in the contact form on the left side of this page.





We finally found a solution for our very slippery small bottle neck labels. The banding solution from Felins works great to band our labels for transit to the bottling line. We have far fewer damaged labels and less scrap at the bottling line

Felins Customer

We needed a way to secure our medical packs that kept them clean and secure, and were also easy for staff to unpack when needed. The wrapping and banding solution Felins gave us fit all our criteria. We are very happy with our choice and are looking at other ways to use this technology.


Felins went above what was expected for our training. The maintenance group tore down one of our banders and went through all of the parts. Then they put the machine back together, giving them a complete understanding of the machine and its operating functions.

Dawn Hoesly, Production Manager, Swiss Colony

Sustainability, especially from food processors, is demanded by consumers today. One hot dog maker identified a way to reduce packaging for club packs by 62% and kept the essential security and brand recognition packaging needed for their product.