Richfield, WI (September 27, 2023)- In today's retail food world, product labels do more than just provide basic information - they also create an emotional bond between consumers and brands. As such, labels play a crucial role in packaging.

Traditional labeling methods involving glues and adhesives add steps and waste, making it hard to satisfy consumer wants. Brands must consider demands like sustainability, brand connection, and quality food experiences when choosing labels.


Felins offers innovative adhesive-free labeling solutions that meet these needs. Options like automatic sleeving, ultrasonic banding, and thermal printing allow for efficiency, customization, and adhesive-free applications ideal for shelf-life extending processes like high-pressure processing (HPP).

A machine that can apply a tensioned band paired with ultrasonic technology, such as the ATS US-2000 or ATS US-2100, eliminates the need for adhesives and glues and helps to increase throughput by being applied automatically. With the ability to switch between paper, plastic, or compostable film ultrasonic banding is an attractive way of labeling and unitizing.

For products that may require variable data on their label, banners can be integrated with thermal transfer printers that can print lot numbers and best by details directly onto the label band. Due to the fact that the band is applied with tension, it is great for stacking skin packs or unitizing various products. The ultrasonic weld also allows products to be labeled or sleeved prior to undergoing high-pressure processing, reducing operation steps and costs.

By using tension to apply labels without adhesives, ultrasonic banding eliminates residue and wasted materials. Integrated thermal printers allow lot numbers and expiration dates to be added directly onto bands. Bands applied this way can withstand HPP, reducing steps and costs.

About Felins: Since 1921, Felins has created alternative packaging machines and materials to give customers a competitive edge. Originally focused on tying machines, Felins now also provides paper banding, plastic banding, shrink wrapping, rubber banding, strapping, sleeving, adhesive-free labeling, and stretch film banding equipment. For innovative, sustainable packaging and banding, Felins delivers. Learn more at felins.com.

With a century of experience and expertise in packaging solutions, Felins is uniquely positioned to help brands meet the labeling challenges of today and tomorrow through technology like ultrasonic banding. This innovative approach eliminates adhesives for a residue-free, efficient, customizable adhesive-free labeling solution.

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