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Sleeving is usually a super labor-intensive, adhesive-reliant process. Even worse, chipboard or paperboard sleeves quickly loosen and the product slips out. 

Automate your process and ensure a strong hold on your products (without damage!) by automating your sleeving process with a banding machine




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There are numerous ways to label food products today and the industry is continuously faced with making decisions that speak to the customer. 

Many food products are labeled with what is referred to as a paperboard or chipboard sleeve. Often, these sleeves require adhesives to be applied. These sleeves are typically applied by hand or a premade sleeve is automatically erected, requiring the product to be slid inside the sleeve. 

Applying these sleeves by hand is very time-consuming and with a low unemployment rate, these labor-intensive positions are more and more challenging to fill.
Today, I’m going to introduce you to an alternative form of sleeving that is applied automatically, uses minimal materials, minimizes labor, increases throughput and has precise tension control. 

When it comes to paperboard sleeves, without the use of adhesives, the product has a tendency to fall right out of the packaging. With automatic sleeving with banding, we can provide precise tension control without requiring adhesives.

Automatic sleeving with banding helps the industry apply a sleeve to their products in ONE simple step without the use of adhesives. 

Typically, sleeves are a green form of labeling. This is because they’re made up of a paper substrate. Not to worry! Automatic sleeving with banding can apply pre-printed paper in various thicknesses for that paperboard-like feel as well as silky white plastics for vibrant graphics, transparent film for food product visibility and compostable material – ALL of which are recyclable! 

Take your sleeving to the next step and improve your ROI with this innovative and sustainable solution.

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