Materials for food labeling & sleeving

food labeling & sleeving


Efficiency. Sustainability. Attractive packaging. These are all trends that drive consumer decisions, especially in the food industry. 

With banding, the options are (nearly) limitless. All of our food packaging and labeling materials are available in a variety of widths from 15mm (1/2 inch) to 97mm (4 inches) and can be preprinted with branding to make your adhesive-free labeling or automatic sleeving processes easier and more efficient than ever. Depending on your consumers’ preferences, we offer a variety of FDA-approved, water-resistant, recyclable materials: 



clam shell, paper band

One of our most economical materials, paper is available in white or brown with glossy or matte finish. Whether thick or thin, all of our papers are coated on both sides; this allows the ultrasonic seal to be created and keep the material adhered to itself. 

Paper is an excellent solution for low-tension labeling of delicate products. But, if you’re currently sleeving with paperboard or chipboard, a thicker paper can provide the same, robust feel without any likelihood of breaking or lifting from the product.


SILKY WHITE PLASTIC food club pack, plastic banding

Companies are passionate about keeping their brands consistent and making sure each product presents well on store shelves. When vibrant graphics are the main goal, we often recommend a silk white plastic material. 

The opacity of the white plastic is perfect for pre-printed branding. Combined with the smooth surface of the “silky” plastic, this material shows vibrant, stunning graphics without compromising the strength of the band. 


TRANSPARENT FILMfood club pack, transparent banding

When you’d prefer to showcase your products, transparent film is the way to go. With a flat, non-shiny finish, our transparent film lets your product speak for itself with minimal light refraction. 
If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, print on transparent material. In doing so, you can brand your product while still making use of the transparency. (Pro tip: replace expensive die cut labels by pre-printing on a transparent band!) 



Still not sure which material is best for your application? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Each of our materials can be pre-printed with branding and product information (nutrition facts, recipes, etc.). A live, inline printer can also be integrated into your banding system for printing of variable data (bar codes, production dates, expiration dates, etc.). 

Give us a call! We’ll be happy to help you get started with an adhesive-free labeling or automatic sleeving solution! 

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