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We get it - packaging food products isn't easy. You need to comply with FDA and USDA regulations while presenting a strong, consumer-centric branded label to the marketplace. 

Thankfully, we're here to help you navigate your way. Each month, our food packaging fanatic, Lisa (aka Felins Foodie), will be providing insider info and tips & tricks on the newest, most innovative ways to package and brand your products in our new series - Food for Thought!

Let's start with adhesive-free labeling. It's the easiest way to label single products and multipacks without ANY heat or adhesives:




Welcome! This is Food for Thought with Felins Foodie. 

The food industry today requires sustainable packaging, minimal waste and attractive and innovative labeling that speaks to the customer. Adhesive-free labeling can accommodate just that as well as provide benefits such as reduce labor costs and an attractive ROI.


All of our materials are FDA-approved, water resistant and recyclable. You can pick between widths such as 30, 50, 60, 75 and 100 millimeters all depending on your branding needs. 
After determining the appropriate band width, we have various material types to choose from include white and brown paper in various thicknesses for that paperboard-like feel, silky white plastic for vibrant graphics and transparent film for optimal food product visibility.


Whether you’re looking to label a single product or unitize a multi-pack, banding is an innovative and sustainable solution.

Club stores require a barcode to reflect the number of products per multipack. Whether you’re looking for full graphics with a barcode or simple or minimalistic graphics with a barcode, we can help accommodate your needs.

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