How to get started with adhesive-free labeling and automatic sleeving

adhesive-free labeling and automatic sleeving


It has to look good! Whether it’s on a plate, in a package or on a shelf at the store, people are drawn in by the appearance of food products. 

At Felins, we can help you label or automatically sleeve your products without heat or adhesives. Our automatic banding equipment helps reduce waste while still presenting a well-branded product to the marketplace. 

Whether you’re labeling single products, unitizing, multi-packing or simply looking for a new solution that reduces waste, increases productivity, and/or keeps a secure hold on your products, we’re confident banding can improve your process.

Our labels are linerless and automatically applied without heat, REDUCING overall material waste. The best part? They’re adhesive-free – no tapes or glues needed! 
labeled and sleeved food products

Introducing a new technology to your packaging line may sound daunting, especially when it comes to the branding of your product. But it’s not – we promise. You can get started with ultrasonic banding in just 4 easy steps (don’t worry, we’ll help you every step of the way!):

  1. Select material width. Depending on the size of your product or bundle, choose from:
    • 15mm
    • 20mm
    • 29mm
    • 47mm
    • 60mm
    • 72mm
    • 97mm
  2. Select your base substrate. We offer FDA-approved, water resistant and recyclable materials in a variety of widths and thicknesses, including chipboard-like material. 
    • Paper (white or brown)
    • Silk white plastic
    • Transparent film
    • Custom
  3. Send us a few sample products to determine dyelines 
  4. Run your new adhesive-free labels and sleeves on our ultrasonic banding equipment!

It’s easy! If you’re ready to revolutionize your labeling process, give us a call. Our food banding and labeling expert, Lisa Barrieau, can help you get started.

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