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Banding Machine Materials│Heat Seal │ Ultrasonic ribbon, paper, plastic banding

Product Description

Felins provides ATS paper and plastic banding materials specifically designed for the ATS unique banding machines.  We also offer ultrasonic and heat-seal banding ribbon and tape that can run on other manufacturer's machines.  


Banding is not industrial strapping but a gentler form of unitizing packaging for a polished look.  Use banding in place of strapping of printed corrugated boxes, pharmaceutical units, branding club packs, airline snacks, and more.  In addition, banding is a highly sustainable form of bundling.  


We customize the banding tape for the project and formulate it for superior feeding, strength, stretch, tension, texture, and print-ability.  With so many options of surface texture, print-ability, thickness (micron), paper or plastic, tension, stretch ability, color or transparent, choosing the right band for the job is confusing.


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Product Documents




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