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Complying with FDA and USDA regulations can be challenging. Packaging food products isn’t easy. Heat, glue, tapes, stickers? No thanks!  Ultrasonic banding? Yes, please!


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Welcome! This is Food for Thought with Felins Foodie.

There are numerous ways to adhere labels, sleeves and films to products in the food industry. Some of these methods leave a sticky residue on the product or require heat to be applied.

The exception to these forms of labeling is with the use of Ultrasonic technology.

Ultrasonic technology? Ultrasonic technology!

Ultrasonic: of or involving sound waves with a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing. That’s right! No heat, no glue, no tapes, no stickers! Ultrasonic!

Inside an ATS banding machine is a sonotrode and a generator. When the band is drawn down on the product a clamp comes up, holding the material in place. 

The Ultrasonic weld is created when high frequency, low amplitude vibrations are applied to the material. We call this a cold weld.

The adjustable weld time inside an Ultrasonic banding machine allows the user to increase or decrease the amount of time that the sonotrode is active—affecting the strength of the weld.

By decreasing the amount of time that the sonotrode is active, we are creating what we like to call, a peelable weld. Making it easy for the consumer to remove the band.

By increasing the amount of time that the sonotrode is active, we’re creating what we like to call, a strong weld. Making it more challenging for the consumer to break open the band.

What are some of the benefits of this method? Adjustable weld time, no heat requirement, less consumable parts and a more robust solution.

Whether you choose a friction weld strap, a heat seal band, or Ultrasonic technology, your consumers will have varying experiences. Strapping technology requires cutting tools to remove the strap. Heat seal technology is easy for the consumer to remove. Ultrasonic technology has the best of both worlds! Ranging from a peelable weld to a strong weld.

Ultrasonic technology is a robust solution, capable of running millions of cycles, accommodating high volume productions.

Whether you’re looking to label, sleeve or unitize products in the food industry, Ultrasonic technology is an adhesive-free, heat free, food friendly solution your consumers will love.

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