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Packaging Trends - Healthcare Hot Corner, Chris Anguil


Trends in packaging are ever-changing. Packaging has grown to be just as important as the contents within the packaging. Chris Anguil, our healthcare packaging expert, is here to share 7 hot packaging trends and how ultrasonic banding can help implement these trends!



Video Transcript

Hello everyone! My name is Chris Anguil and welcome to another edition of the Healthcare Hot Corner. Today we will be discussing trends in pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing and where Felins banding system can add value.


Trend 1: Automation

Jumping right in, automation continues its rise. The entire industry is focused on the goal of reaching zero defects. Stringent quality requirements demand a higher reliance on automation. Whether it’s wet wipes, bandages, or fifth-panel cartons, we have fully automated systems capable of counting stacking and banding your product efficiently and effectively.

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Trend 2: Have the Edge

Companies will look for new ways to have the edge. If you’re looking for a versatile solution, capable of bundling a variety of products. A stand-alone US-2000 banding machine is a perfect option as long as the product fits in the arch, we can band it!


Trend 3: Smarter Packaging

Packaging will get smarter. Incorporating sensors into the product packaging and the product itself could deliver information to manufacturers on how it’s shipped, stored and used. With Felins banding systems, you are able to print inline, right before the products are multipacked. This allows you to serialize your bundles. Additionally, we are able to incorporate RFID tags into the banding material for increased traceability.

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Trend 4: Better Data Usage

Companies will make better use of their data. With increased serialization and tracking information applied directly to the band, manufacturers will be able to capture more data by tracking their products through every step of distribution.


Trend 5: Non-Traditional Dosage Forms

We are seeing a definite rise in non-traditional dosage forms such as nasal sprays and functional foods and drinks.

Non-traditional dosage form


Trend 6: R&D on Medical Devices

Research and development dollars could shift from drugs to medical devices. While drugs still have the ability to provide a larger multiple on returns, there are three factors that may drive investors towards medical devices.

  1. Large molecules are running to reimbursement issues that are keeping some very effective drugs on the shelf.
  2. Outside of cancer drugs and rare disease treatments, the regulatory approval prices have not seen the same attention as medical devices. Where a medical device regulatory scheme seems to promise a faster and more efficient regulatory process.
  3. NIH funding has been flat for the past 15 years, causing academia to look towards the private sector.


Trend 7: Stricter Regulatory Strategies

Regulatory strategies could shift and become stricter. Countries that have not traditionally held stringent regulations, such as India and China, are adopting tighter controls. In China, there is a big shift toward non-homeopathic medicines.

The FDA is looking to apply a more risk-based approach because this reduces the burden of the FDA, but is also a smarter approach. Adding an Ultrasonic band not only secures your bundle but gives you another opportunity to comply with FDA and track and trace guidelines and regulations.


Thank you everyone for watching. We’ll be back soon with more news, trends, and information in regards to healthcare packaging. Looking forward to seeing you!


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