Sustainable banding material for the healthcare industry

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Here’s a devastating statistic: if the U.S. healthcare system was its own country, it would have the fifth-largest economy in the world and be the seventh-largest producer of carbon dioxide. SEVENTH! 

And, with natural disasters highly impacting healthcare systems and providers – both in their ability to properly care for patients and maintain financial and physical stability – it’s clear that healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations should place a larger focus on sustainable, efficient operations that positively affect the environment. 

With energy-efficient equipment, some corporations have already started to make changes to reduce their ecological footprints and carbon emissions. But, why not incorporate sustainability efforts into even the smallest parts of the supply chain too? 

Robust, advanced machinery certainly requires a large upfront capital investment but most companies tend to overlook their smaller ongoing costs when considering operational and process improvements. That lends us to the question:


Why invest in sustainable machinery if you’re not investing in sustainable consumable materials too? 


When it comes to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we recommend paper banding material to keep a strong hold on products in transit and storage. Why? Because:

1.    It’s recyclable.

Paper banding material is 100% recyclable and doesn’t require additional adhesives or material to keep a strong hold on products. 

2.    It’s inexpensive.

Paper is the most cost-efficient banding material available. Depending on your throughput requirements and goals, paper can be purchased in short, standard or long rolls. (Pro tip: Since paper has a long shelf-life, purchase in case quantities to get the most bang for your buck!)

3.    It’s customizable. 

Depending on your branding requirements, paper can be preprinted with high-quality graphics. Or, with an inline printer, variable data can be printed live on the material to help you comply with track and trace requirements. 

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