Food Packaging Trends You should Implement in 2020

Food Packaging Trends


In the retail environment packaging has a huge influence on consumer purchasing behavior.  With ever changing trends and consumer demands, ensuring that you are putting your best foot forward with your packaging isn’t always easy. So, how does your packaging stand with the current trends? Here are 5 food packaging trends you need to implement in 2020!


Sustainable Packaging

In 2020, it is expected that the demand for sustainable products will continue to increase. Sustainable packaging is not only a better option for the environment, but a great investment. Consumers want to feel good about the products they buy. Thankfully, there are many options for eco-friendly packaging including: recyclability, reducing materials used and reusability.


Smart Packaging

Technology is always improving, and that’s why companies are implementing it into their packaging! Interactive packaging can include QR codes printed on the packaging, RFID, augmented reality, or host of other emerging technologies. The options are endless, and with Millennials and Gen Z becoming more technologically savvy than any other generations, these younger cohorts embrace it more enthusiastically.

QR Code Material


Transparent Packaging

Companies have adopted transparent packaging for maximum product visibility.  This allows consumers to clearly see the contents within the package allowing them to make a more informed purchase decision. Not only are companies becoming more transparent with their packaging, they are also more transparent about what they do and how they make their products.

Transparent Packaging


Portable Packaging

The everyday consumer is on the go and looking for convenience in their food packaging.  The food industry has to become creative not only with the food they offer, but also the packaging provided to the consumer with a ready-to-eat product that can be enjoyed anywhere.


Minimalistic Packaging

Packaging companies have started adopting a more simplistic, clear labeling and packaging strategy. Not only does this trend highlight the value of the product but consumers do not have time to digest lots of information. Simple packaging allows for this ever-growing on-the-go generation to quickly understand what they are purchasing.

Boxed Water Minimal Design
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