5 Ways Your Packaging Can Stand out to Millennials

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Today, Millennials make up 25% of the U.S. population and have the largest purchasing power—yes, more purchasing power than Baby Boomers and Gen X. Targeting Millennials isn’t just an option anymore, it’s a necessity.

Millennials differ from previous generations. Growing up in the age of technology has fueled, and even encouraged, Millennials’ need for “instant gratification.” In other words, Millennials want it, and they want it now. If your product doesn’t support Millennials need for instant gratification, expect this generation to search elsewhere.

So, what does this have to do with packaging? Your packaging must appeal and stand out to Millennials.

Unique packaging trends for Millennials are one of the best ways to stand out to the largest, most influential generation.  So… how does your business do this?



Millennials are less brand loyal than previous generations. Customized packaging is a way for consumers to feel valued by the companies they buy from and helps build brand loyalty. Customized packaging increases customer engagement with brands and products.

Customization has become expected in packaging by this generation. 



As you know, Millennials were born in the most technologically advancing time in our history (thus far). Being connected is a core value for Millennials, and technology is their favorite way to stay connected. Quick-response (QR) codes offer a way to connect with this generation. QR codes printed on packaging can create a unique experience for a buyer by connecting them to webpages, social media platforms, special deals or discounts, and even promotional contest pages.

Placing QR codes and digital features on packaging can help engage consumers directly by connecting them to companies.



Being environmentally conscious is a high priority for Millennials—70% care about their impact on the planet. In fact, three out of four Millennials would pay more for a product with sustainable packaging. It’s both easier and cheaper to make packaging that is environmentally conscious.

Millennials expect brands to help guide them to be more environmentally conscious by consuming smarter, with less packaging, less waste and more recycling.



Millennials want the full package… including the packaging. Design plays a large role in packaging. Millennials are attracted to fun and energetic designs on packaging. Unique and creative packaging designs are more likely to capture Millennials attention than a plain brown corrugated box.

Sustainability is also considered in the unboxing experience because even though attractive packaging is important, excessive packaging is viewed to be unattractive and wasteful by consumers.



Product packaging can be a way to communicate to Millennials the authenticity of your brand. Consumers today value actions, not talk. Packaging that speaks to the values of Millennials as well as your company is the best way preview authenticity and the ability to be trusted.


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