3 Common Myths (and the Truth) about Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging


With so much buzz about sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, it’s difficult to distinguish between myths and facts. Being sustainable has become a necessity due to consumer trends, but with so many misconceptions, it can be intimidating.


Myth #1: Sustainable packaging is only about recyclability

Of course, recyclability is important, but it is only part of your consideration for sustainable packaging solutions. Since packaging makes up over 23% of waste in landfills (aka it’s not always being recycled), it’s important to not forget the other two parts of the Three R’s: reduce & reuse.

Reducing packaging is an effective way to be sustainable. Avoiding waste is always a good idea and streamlining packaging so that it is leaner and requires less material will help with plant efficiency.

Reusable packaging is great for reducing waste management costs. Reusable packaging can significantly reduce the amount of packaging that has to be manufactured, saving you money, energy and resources.

Packaging should encompass at least one of these three R’s to be sustainable but the more it incorporates, the better.


Myth #2: Using paper is the only solution

Paper is just one of the great solutions of sustainable packaging. Paper products are good in some situations and terrible in others and the same applies to plastic. In recent years, plastic packaging has been looked at negatively due to improper disposal. However, plastic can actually be recycled almost infinitely. There is no one size fits all solution in for sustainable packaging.


Myth #3: It’s too expensive

Changing packaging is an investment, especially when completely redesigning the look and feel of your packaging. Respondents from a Nielsen survey showed that 66% said they were willing to pay more for sustainable brands. Paying to implement a new packaging program that has a positive environmental impact pays off. Packaging says a lot about your brand, and your customers will see that.

At Felins, we focus on reducing the number of materials used in packaging. Less materials = less money spent on packaging = saving you money! Using less materials with your packaging can make your packaging solution significantly less expensive than traditional packaging, and thus improving your bottom line.

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