Secure Bundling Solutions for Mailing

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The Post Office calls it "bundle integrity” and it is what keeps your packages safe and

secure in transit. Mailrooms have long relied on the integrity of mail bundles created with

Felins strapping, banding and tying machines


We can help you identify a solution that will prevent damage to your packages while

they are in transit via the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FEDEX or any other mail carrier

and they will look great too.


We’ve secured these types of packages almost since our founding in 1921:


  • Bulk Mail trays
  • MM and EMM trays
  • Half-trays
  • Flats
  • Newspaper


We have table-top banders and small tyers that fit into any mailroom for small volume

bundling or we can offer high-speed, high-volume solutions for mail-order and mail

clearing houses.


Mailing tubs and trays can also be secured with our tub and tray banders.


Provide us with a few detailson the contact form and we’ll have an experienced

packaging consultant show you how Felins bundling solutions can reduce your packaging

material and labor costs.


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- Banding Over 12 Million Pieces a Year for Over 10 Years

Mailing Solutions

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