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Banded with In-line Bar Code Printer - Produce



From farm to fork: speed of food processing is essential for freshness, packaging is

vital for food safety and security, presentation is essential for consumer appeal and

branding.  There are many reasons to use the right packaging technology for food.

Explore your options.


We have helped customers find solutions for these and many other applications:


  • Fresh fruit or vegetable tying
  • Fresh meat tyers
  • Securing clam shells for fresh herbs, salads, and fruits, etc
  • Shrink wrapping egg packs, frozen pizzas, ice cream and more


Felins offers pre-printed banding machines so you can properly brand your products.

We have in-line printers so you can add lot numbers, expiration dates, and more.  We

have USDA approved food grade and biodegradable materials, and we offer a sanitary

tyer for fresh or raw meat processing.


Provide us with a few details on the contact form and we’ll have an experienced packaging

consultant show you how Felins bundling solutions can reduce your packaging material and

labor costs.


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