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Gentle strapping of corrugated board

Corrugated Paper Converting



If you currently strap your finished corrugated bundles, you are wasting material, time and money.  Traditional strapping of printed corrugated containers for retail  ready packaging, POP, standees, folding cartons, displays, consumer packaging and other kitting packaging often ruins edges of valuable finished pieces.  Plastic strapping cuts into edges, causing outer pieces to be so damaged they are unusable.  Converters and their customers can waste several pieces of finished product per bundle or use extra material and time with cap sheets.  


While material waste is a major concern, wasted time also occurs when strapping damages printed corrugated boxes.  Erecting machines often jam due to scoring damage (false scoring) to top or bottom corrugated pieces.  Jams cause delays downstream and are costly.

Banding is particularly suited for bundling boxes that need to be nested or compensated because of their design.  Crash lock or snap lock boxes can be banded with ease, as bundles stay secure and free from damage.


The solution

Securing corrugated bundles with banding instead of strappingWhat is banding?  It is an elite form of bundling using plastic or paper bands.  This method is gentler than traditional thin strapping.  See the illustrations above for examples. The inherent properties of banding securely hold bundles together yet do not cause damage. 

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