Automatic Laundry Banding Equipment

US-2000 TRW-MP automated banding system for laundry

Product Description

Tracking your products through the cleaning and delivery process is becoming continually more important.  With the introduction of automatic laundry banding equipment into your facility, you can now print variable data directly onto a band which will identify each bundle and securely hold them together for delivery.  Contact us to learn how banding can help you increase your PPOH (pieces per operator hour).

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Designed to flow through our Banding Machines without jams and breakage of other lower quality banding tape, our materials work great every time.  A few feature of note include:

  • Large stock of paper and plastic banding material readily available in US distribution centers
  • Guaranteed to work consistently and reliably
  • Variable strength ultra-sonic weld
  • Print in-line tracking information  – variable data, bar codes, customer names, etc.
  • Colors available 
  • Sustainable & recyclable



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