PACK Expo 2023 Recap with Felins Packaging

PACK Expo 2023 Recap with Felins Packaging


The Felins team is still buzzing after an incredible week connecting with industry peers and showcasing the latest packaging innovations at PACK Expo Las Vegas 2023. As the most comprehensive packaging event in the world, this year’s show did not disappoint! In fact, it even broke records

Felins Packaging and Wexler Packaging representing ATS at PACK Expo 2023

Located in Upper South Hall at booth #7233, the Felins team welcomed attendees for engaging demo sessions focused on the food, e-commerce, and pharmaceutical industries. During these presentations, we demonstrated our automated equipment designed to optimize secondary packaging operations through efficiency and sustainability. Attendees were treated to complimentary food and beverages while experiencing the benefits of our technologies firsthand.

PACK 2023 - Happy Hour and Coffee Hours at Felins Packaging

In addition to showcasing our solutions on the exhibit floor, the Felins crew took advantage of fantastic networking opportunities and educational sessions throughout the week. Members of our team independently attended the many sessions offered by PMMI including Marketing Insights and Technical Service Training! Felins also attended the PMMI Young Professionals Networking reception held at Topgolf Las Vegas. This lively event facilitated connections with fellow young packaging professionals in a fun, engaging setting. From talking over cocktails to friendly competition on the driving range, it was a great night for meeting new people and discussing how we can all relate to one another as far as career aspirations, industry pain points, and professional goals. We definitely hit it off with some new friends!

PMMI Young Professionals Networking Reception at Topgolf Las Vegas

memorable moments

A particular highlight was hosting our partners from ATS-Switzerland for dinner and quality time together outside of the trade show environment. We dined at Martha Stewart's new restaurant inside the Paris Hotel, The Bedford.

PACK Expo 2023 Recap - Dining at The Bedford by Martha Stewart

The Martha Stewart dining experience was something new for everyone. In true Felins Family fashion, our team loves to break bread together and bond over family-style meals. Whether at dinners out or group lunches in the office, it's not uncommon for us to share samples and pass dishes around, from appetizers and side dishes to desserts. This act of communally sharing food fosters conversation, brings laughter and joy, and deepens our connections beyond an average workplace. Dining together in this way has become a cherished way for our team to keep strengthening our bonds. We've found that collaborating over meals creates priceless moments of laughter, inside jokes, shared personal stories that drive us closer together and forward together.

PACK Expo 2023 - Felins Family Dinner Fun
Between the delicious cuisine and drinks (the steaks and bread baskets were out of this world!), and the camaraderie of spending time together outside a work context, it was an evening to remember. Our organizations have collaborated for many years, and PACK Expo provided a fantastic opportunity to further strengthen that relationship. The Felins team is truly grateful for the technical expertise, international perspective, and friendship ATS-Switzerland brings to our work. Their innovative thinking and commitment to customer satisfaction fully align with our own values. We highly value their contributions to advancing the packaging industry, and look forward to many more years of achieving success together. 

PACK Expo 2023 Recap - Felins Packaging Team

Two of our resident “Felins Foodies,” Banding Sales Manager in Food, Lisa Barrieau, and Banding Project Manager in Food, Kevin Beimborn, were also featured in PACK Show Daily magazine! We’re so proud of these two! Lisa's expertise in helping food companies discover attractive, sustainable packaging systems that reduce waste and labor costs specializes in adhesive-free labeling, automatic sleeving, and ultrasonic banding solutions that provide security while reducing unnecessary packaging.

Kevin helps to oversee innovative labeling, sleeving, and banding solutions from conception to completion and the materials associated with them. His focus revolves around sustainably optimizing food production and enhancing consumer experiences through premium labeling and ultrasonic banding equipment. He is an expert on the marketing and labeling requirements needed to create final packaging products that balance functionality with visual appeal. Together as a team, Lisa and Kevin have been trusted by food companies to help them optimize operations, prolong shelf life, and enhance consumer experiences through Felins food packaging equipment.

Felins Foodies Featured in PACK Show Daily Magazine 2023

Last but certainly not least, PACK Expo attendees may have spotted our signature Felins golf cart transporting people between the convention center halls. These fun rides, complete with friendly drivers, offered a smooth way to travel between Central Hall and South Hall in a breezy, open-air style cart. The Felins golf cart saved show attendees walk time and provided a welcome reprieve in between visiting booths on the show floor. Riders were able to roll in style while enjoying some fresh air, soaking in the Las Vegas sunshine and resting their feet. 

LVCC Transportation at PACK Expo - The Felins Golf Cart

PACK Expo Las Vegas Transportation - Felins Golf Cart

PACK Expo Las Vegas Transportation - Felins Golf Cart

From demoing cutting-edge packaging machinery to exploring Las Vegas with teammates, PACK Expo 2023 delivered an invaluable experience. The Felins team is already looking forward to the connections and innovations we’ll experience when we return next year!

Authored by: Victoria Sithy

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