Our Core Values: Commit to All Customers

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At Felins, our core values mean a lot to us. Along with our mission, our core values are a written reminder of how and why we operate individually and as a team.

You can find our core values here but we wanted to dig a little deeper and explain what each core value REALLY means to us. Who better to help do that than our employees?! Next up:


In short, Commit to All Customers means customer commitment comes first, both internally and externally. But here's what it means to Chris and Victoria:

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CHRIS                                                   victoria

Banding Sales Manager - Pharma                 Customer Service Representative

Felins Family Member Since 2018                   Felins Family Member Since 2017


Q: What does COMMIT TO ALL CUSTOMERS mean to you?

CHRIS: When we sell packaging equipment to a customer, we are committing to solve that customer's need or issue. Whether it be a late night phone call or an early morning presentation, Felins is committed to the success of our customers. We are prepared to go above and beyond the traditional relationship between buyer and seller and invest our time to help our customers overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. This commitment is important because our customers think of us as a trusted source of information and can count on us to lead them in the right direction. 

VICTORIA: To me, it means we don't just have transactions with customers. We commit to having their backs! We go above the standards to ensure they're taken care of. 


Q: How does COMMIT TO ALL CUSTOMERS contribute to the Felins culture?

CHRIS: Our commitment to all customers makes Felins a very enjoyable place to work. We can count on our colleagues to work diligently and quickly when dealing with customers. This commitment helps build trust in relationships and allows your customers to feel comfortable when interacting with anyone in the company. 

VICTORIA: Our commitment to customers makes working at Felins enjoyable because we build relationships with our customers. They get to know us - and we get to know them - on a personal level. Friendships and valuable professional relationships are born. 


Q: Explain a time when you best exhibited this core value. 

CHRIS: One of our customers was having a maintenance issue that was causing them a lot of stress because they weren't sure they would be able to get an order out on time. To resolve the issue, we had Felins employees at their facility for 24 hours straight, brought multiple machines to their facility to help them catch up, and were able to fix the problem and get their order out in time. 

VICTORIA: Any time a customer calls and remembers my name or specifically requests me by name, I know I've done something right for them to trust me with their orders, questions, problems or inquiries. 

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