Our Core Values: Aim Forward

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At Felins, our core values mean a lot to us. Along with our mission, our core values are a written reminder of how and why we operate individually and as a team.

You can find our core values here but we wanted to dig a little deeper and explain what each core value REALLY means to us. Who better to help do that than our employees?! Next up:


In short, Aim Forward is about creating, innovating, continuously improving and excelling personally and as a team. But here's what it means to Lisa and Karissa:


employee, brunette woman     employee, brunette woman

LISA                                                            KARISSA

Banding Sales Manager - Food                             Marketing Communications Manager

Felins Family Member Since 2014                        Felins Family Member Since 2017


Q: What does AIM FORWARD mean to you?

LISA: I believe that AIM FORWARD is an all-encompassing core value, and I am proud to work in a company that believes in this. Aiming forward encourages continuous growth, innovation and improvement for not just the business but each individual employee. 

KARISSA: To strive to make today better than yesterday - for yourself, for the business and for our customers.  


Q: How does AIM FORWARD contribute to the Felins culture?

LISA: Working in an environment that is continuously looking to grow, master new challenges and encourage progress and sustainable change makes coming to work every day so rewarding. Employees need to feel like their ideas and contributions are amounting to something in the workplace, and working at Felins, everyone is encouraged to grow personally, making for a creative and innovative working environment where the sky is the limit! 

KARISSA: Complacency in the workplace may be great if you're in a fairly stagnant industry (does such a thing even exist?) but that's not the case in the world of packaging. At Felins, it's motivating to be surrounded by people who are constantly reaching for what's next, what's better, what's more innovative. We work together to push the envelope on what's expected and develop solutions (internally and externally) with efficiency and sustainability in mind. 


Q: Explain a time when you best exhibited this core value. 

LISA: I started at Felins as a customer service representative with no direct experience coming from a background in professional ballet and fine dining waitressing. I came in with a desire to learn, grow, take care of customers and help the business. As I began to learn the flow and details of the business, I grew to love it and found a new drive to move into direct sales. Felins has a great culture that encourages employees to do more with their careers and contribute to the future of the business. As the banding sales manager for the food industry, I worked to create a new position that represents Felins in the food industry. In this position, I have worked to market to and speak the language of the food industry in order to better help our food customers, and help Felins as a business, grow. 

KARISSA: I'm really proud of our new brand. When I first joined the Felins team, it was clear the existing brand didn't accurately represent the culture and solutions provided to customers. Not only was developing and implementing a new brand an incredible achievement for me personally, it's helped many people (again, internally and externally) think differently about who we are, what we do and why we do it. 

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