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Let’s face it: the world of food packaging is not an easy one to navigate. Not only do you have to ensure that the food is effectively and securely packaged, but you also have to keep up with ever-evolving consumer demands, such as sustainability. On top of this, you have to be able to maintain consistent, quality branding on the packaging that encourages the consumer to purchase the product. So, how do you meet all of these requirements at once?



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One way to meet all of these requirements is with adhesive free labeling. Traditionally, when food products are labeled - adhesives, glues, or stickers are used to secure the label around the product. Adhesives, however, can attract unwanted dirt and debris toward the product, and they often do not use the most energy-efficient technology, resulting in the packaging solution using more energy.

However, with adhesive free labeling the label is applied automatically with the perfect amount of tension using a cold ultrasonic weld, rather than using heat or adhesives. As a result, this solution uses less energy than solutions that require heat, and it can also reduce material usage and increase recyclability, meeting the consumer demands for sustainability.



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Automatic sleeving is another way of meeting the stringent requirements of a successful food packaging solution. Typically, when products are sleeved, a paperboard or chipboard sleeve is wrapped around the product, often by hand. This process is time consuming and can result in the sleeve falling off of the product due to a lack of tension.

Automatic sleeving, on the other hand, automatically applies a perfectly tensioned sleeve around the product, ensuring that the sleeve is secured tightly around the product and will not fall off. Switching from manual sleeving to automatic sleeving can also result in labor savings and increased throughput.



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It’s clear that adhesive free labeling and automatic sleeving result in food packaging solutions that meet industry demands and requirements, but they go above and beyond these demands. In addition to effectively securing the product and using eco-friendly materials, these solutions can improve productivity and reduce manual labor, so that employees can be allocated more efficiently. Adhesive free labeling and automatic sleeving both support high-quality, preprinted materials as well. These materials are fully recyclable and make it easy to display branding directly on the label. This technology creates a premium form of labeling and sleeving that does not attract any dirt or debris, uses less energy and less labor, and can add marketing value to your branding.  


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