5 Ways to Improve Packaging Line Productivity

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Advances in technology and consumer demands have increased the importance of optimizing production and packaging line speeds. If you want to improve your current packaging productivity, consider these options:


1. Run different sized products on the same line

By introducing more flexible machines and running products of varying size on the same line, there will be more space in your facility for additional machinery and an overall reduction in equipment costs. In addition, when new products are added to your packaging line, flexible machines will result in quick adaptation.   


2. Optimize labor costs

Semiand fully-automated machinery is often used to accommodate higher throughput. However, automation can also help improve worker productivity by freeing up the time employees would have otherwise spent manually bundling. And, reduced manual operation in your facility will decrease physical strain on laborers, significantly reducing costs associated with injury in the workplace.


3. Minimize waste

Most production facilities experience significant waste when packaging material is overused during manual application or when products are damaged due to manual handling requirements (drops, punctures, etc.). With semi- and fully-automatic bundling machines, the amount of packaging material used for each product is predetermined and consistent. In addition, fully-automated systems can organize, stack, and bundle products, eliminating manual errors and minimizing scrap.


4. Multi-pack

Pre-printed material has improved the efficiency of packaging by combining bundling and branding into one step. So, rather can branding each individual product and bundling in a separate step, pre-printed material allows for several products to be banded and branded at one time, creating multi-packs that require less material than individually branded products.  


5. Reduce (and possibly eliminate) machine down-time

Eliminating the need for manual operation means machines can run at all hours and under little-to-no supervision. By continuing production during traditional non-working hours, potential productivity can increase dramatically and coincide with a reduction in labor costs.  


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