2 Machines to Improve Corrugated Bundling

corrugated bundling and banding


For decades, strapping was the most popular technology for corrugated bundling. But, the introduction of banding has transformed bundling in the corrugated industry. In fact, several automated banding systems have been designed specifically for corrugated bundling with benefits including:

  • Eliminating product damage
  • Eliminate the need to apply protective materials
  • Increase throughput
  • Increase labor savings
  • Decrease inefficiencies


ATS US-2200 LBA-LR Automated Banding system

US-2200 LBA-LR Automated Banding System

Designed to gently band die-cut and printed 4-point, 6-point, and crash long boxes as well as POS displays, the US-2200 LBA-LR packages corrugated stacks without damaging edges while ensuring an uninterrupted flow of products and minimizing waste. Capable of handling nearly any banding material, the system can bundle all corrugated grades without using narrow strapping material that often destroys the top and bottom layers of each bundle. The US-2200 LBA-LR can be seamlessly integrated into any production line and immediately contribute to increased throughput and waste reduction.


ATS US-2000 TRS-SW 550 Automated Banding system

US-2000 TRS-SW 550 Automated Banding System

The US-2000 TRS-SW 550 is a fully-automated system that gently bands corrugated bundles up to 2.3 inches long. After transferring compensated stacks from the conveyer, the machine centers them on all sides prior to banding. Even more, each stack is pressed to its most compact size, making all bundles as space-efficient as possible. For lower volume applications, the TRS-SW 550 can become semi-manual and band products after they have been manually stacked.

Regardless of automation, the machine features a large Plexiglas door and digital control panel (DCP) at eye-level that make viewing and controlling fast and easy.


Both machines use ultrasonic banding technology to create clean, strong welds that do not require heat and therefore will not adhere to corrugated bundles. If you’re interested in learning more about corrugated bundling or banding automation, please contact us! Our knowledgeable experts will help find the perfect solution for you.

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