Ultrasonic Banding with Retail Ready Packaging

Display ready packaging

Retail ready packaging can save its users time and money by reducing or eliminating hours spent by store personnel restocking or facing-up products. Thankfully, banding allows its users to leverage these advantages, as it is perfectly compatible with retail and shelf-ready packaging. As shown in the image above, bands can be wrapped around shelf-ready packaging to secure the products for transport. This reduces the necessary amount of corrugated material per package, and the band can easily be removed by hand without the use of any box cutters, knives or scissors, easing the job of the store personnel.


banding with club packs

Club Pack

Companies like Costco and Sam’s Club sometimes require a trial launch to see how a product does in a club store setting. This puts pressure on the food manufacturer requiring them to have a flexible, retail ready solution for a quick product launch. At Felins, we have sustainable secondary packaging equipment that uses eco-friendly materials to help you launch your products for retail in club stores.

To learn more about best practices when using retail ready packaging, check out this page by PMMI.

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