Ultrasonic Banding for Clamshells and Blister Packs


Both clamshells and blister packs are unique packaging solutions that can present challenges when bundled, as product visibility is so important. Fortunately, ultrasonic banding is the perfect solution to meet these challenges. 


Ultrasonic banding and labeling of Clamshells

Using a clamshell is a common packaging solution, especially when protection of the product is necessary and retaining some visibility of the product is required. Clamshells are commonly used in the food industry as well as others. Felins Ultrasonic Banding technology allows for a great shelf display to be added to products when marketing is desired, or clear bands when maximum product visibility is desired. 



Banding Blister Packs

Similar to clamshells, blister packs create a secure package around a product while maintaining visibility. Clear or transparent bands can be applied with an ultrasonic weld to create a multipack that is simple and does not disrupt the product’s visibility. 

To learn more about best practices while using clamshells and blister packs, check out this page from PMMI.

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