Sustainable End-Of-Line Packaging Machinery

End-of-line packaging machinery account for $4.42 billion, or 47%, of all domestic equipment purchases – that’s no small number. Trends, such as sustainability, are affecting all sectors of the packaging industry, including end-of-line equipment. As a result, there currently is a large demand for sustainable end-of-line equipment, and that demand is expected to continue to grow over the next several years.

Fortunately, Felins offers a large fleet of sustainable end-of-line equipment. Ultrasonic banding, which is our flagship technology, is perfect for a wide range of end-of-line functions, such as labeling, case/tray handling, and multipacking. Ultrasonic banding can be used as a standalone machine or implemented into any production line. It also offers both semi-automation and full automation, which is where end-of-line equipment is continually trending, as automation often results in increased productivity and decreased labor costs.  

To learn more about trends in end-of-line packaging, check out this article from PMMI.

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