Tag Tying

Tag-Tyer stainless steel machine for tying tags to food products

Product Description

An alternative to manually applying rubber bands or using adhesive tags on food products, the Tag-Tyer semi-automatically applies elastic loops without heat or adhesives. Additional features include:

  • Unique, pivot arm tying and knotting table
  • Ease of set-up, use, and maintenance
  • Various tying materials available (see Materials tab below)
  • Variable loop size
  • Complimentary operator and service training available
  • World-class, local service and support


The heart of our ability to overcome difficult application challenges in the food industry is our material offering. Each option is designed to flawlessly flow through our tying machines without jams and breakages. For our Tag-Tyer, we offer a variety of high- and low-stretch elastics that will strongly secure your tags to nearly any food product. 

As both an equipment manufacturer and material supplier, we guarantee our machines will last longer and work better when used with our tying materials. Plus, we work to always have material ready to ship when you need it so your production is never halted as you wait for material.