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Certified Used Machinery

Product Description

Here is your opportunity to purchase gently used US-2000 Ultrasonic banding machines at an incredible discount.  [There is a limited number available, get them while supplies last]. 

These like new semi-automatic banding machines are used to band or automatically tape almost any application, and are often used in the print industry to band cards, photos, envelopes, postcards, etc. 

With very low cycle counts, these machines feature the same full factory warranty as a brand new machine.  They have been responsibly used for a very short time and will give years of hassle-free service.  Our world-class technicians have meticulously inspected and certified them for sale.  They are Felins Certified to work like new machines.  We guarantee it!

Reasons you should purchase now:

  • Need a back-up machine to your current bander?
  • Want to step up to this top-of-the line, semi-automatic Ultra-sonic banding machine?
  • Need to protect or up-grade your brand image?

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These US-2000 Banders are a stand-alone bander with these features:

  • 360 x 260 / 30 mm machines
  • Digital operator interface and controls
  • Ultrasonic sealing technology
  • Up to 35 bands per minute
  • Low maintenance
  • Extensive selection of banding materials
  • Felins’ tech-services help-line

*Subject to in-stock machines and some geographical considerations may apply


ATS-US-2000 – Banding Machine Banding Materials with Unsurpassed Quality

  • Designed to flow through the ATS – Banding Machines without jams and breakage of other lower quality banding tape
  • Large stock of paper and plastic banding material readily available in US distribution centers
  • Guaranteed to work consistently and reliably
  • Variable strength ultra-sonic weld                                                                  
  • Pre-printable for brand identity and consumer interaction
  • Print in-line for consumer information – variable data, bar codes, expiration dates, etc.
  • Colors available
  • Sustainable & recyclable

It is easy and economical to label your product with a band.  Pre-printed banding allows companies to enhance a brand image and interact with the consumer using instructions, corporate identity, product information, bar codes, QR codes, and more printed on the label band. 

Choose from:

  • Paper Bands – We carry a variety of different banding papers and tapes. Options include kraft paper (brown) and white paper in varying widths.  Variable thicknesses are available (PB90 and PB70).  This inexpensive material works well for low tension banding needs.
  • Transparent Plastic Bands – Showcase your product with a see-through banding tape.  Our plastic banding materials are stronger than paper for more security and allow for product viewing through the clear plastic banding material. 
    • FWG – Gentle hold, strong tension, inexpensive, stretchable, elastic properties, plastic band infused with air bubbles, recyclable polypropylene
    • FTN -  Non-shiny finish, highly printable, clear, polypropylene, recyclable

Custom Bands –Our material specialist can recommend the best option, including custom printing your logo, instructions for your customer, and even bar codes for product identification.

Step up to the elite form of bundling.  Get started with banding today. 

ATS – US-200 Machines reliably run ultra-sonic brown (kraft) paper, white paper and clear plastic film.  Pre-printed or branded materials are available.  Plastic banding comes in a variety of colors.

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I want to tell you, this is the quickest and best support I have ever had.  Expectations exceeded.  I sent a video clip and some pictures to a technician at Felins and they immediately diagnosed my problem.

Carey K , Owner, Gepetto's Joe to Go

We finally found a solution for our very slippery small bottle neck labels. The banding solution from Felins works great to band our labels for transit to the bottling line. We have far fewer damaged labels and less scrap at the bottling line

Felins Customer

We needed a way to secure our medical packs that kept them clean and secure, and were also easy for staff to unpack when needed. The wrapping and banding solution Felins gave us fit all our criteria. We are very happy with our choice and are looking at other ways to use this technology.


Sustainability, especially from food processors, is demanded by consumers today. One hot dog maker identified a way to reduce packaging for club packs by 62% and kept the essential security and brand recognition packaging needed for their product.