Our New Brand


Why did Felins rebrand?

We've been in business since 1921. While our solutions and services have changed and improved since then, our old brand still looked like it was designed in the 20th century. We developed a new brand because we wanted to reflect the innovative, progressive company we've worked so hard to make Felins today. 

Ultimately, we wanted to better convey our true mission...

Sustainability is our passion. We're inspired to create innovative alternatives because every packaging decision should help, not hurt, our planet. 


What does the new logo represent?

That's open to interpretation! But, most of us view the four colorful lines in our new mark as a bundle moving to the right into a Felins bundling machine. The green and blue colors convey a natural, earthy feel to emphasize our passion for sustainability while the gray emulates how our equipment helps streamline your operations.


What does "Simplify. Solve. Sustain." mean? 

It means we're committed to developing packaging solutions that improve your operations. Solutions that simplify your processes, solve your problems and help sustain efficient, effective business processes with the least amount of packaging materials required. 


How does the Felins rebrand affect me?

We're still the same Felins as before, we just have a fresh, new look. As you can see, we've launched a new website and updated a lot of our materials. We hope you find these updates easier to use and can find the information you're looking for. If you're having problems or have questions, please let us know. 


Have Felins' products and services changed?

While we're always working on new, innovative packaging solutions, we will continue to offer the same great solutions you've always relied on. That means you'll still receive world-class customer service and support from our team throughout the lifetime of your Felins machinery.

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