From Navy Veteran to Field Service Engineer: Meet Anthony Rossi

Anthony repairs a US-2000 Bander machine

Introducing Anthony Rossi, a valued addition to our team here at Felins!

Anthony's career path has been a fascinating and impressive journey of exploration and growth. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and worked previously specializing in applied special needs for children with autism. He enjoyed the work very much and continued the theme of wanting to make a difference when Anthony joined the Navy. There he discovered his drive for aviation structural mechanics. The work was both motivating and comfortable to him, and it sparked his curiosity about how things work.

Currently, Anthony is pursuing a degree in Engineering, which aligns perfectly with his inquisitive nature. He appreciates the importance of understanding the mechanics behind products and services, especially when working with customers. Anthony believes that reinforcing oneself in negative situations is crucial for navigating challenges and ensuring the best outcomes. Troubleshooting and building relationships with customers are aspects of his work that he finds particularly fulfilling.

Anthony found Felins through his search for a more hands-on role involving equipment. Among the companies listed on Indeed, Felins stood out to him. When he explored the website, he was captivated by the concept of being R.A.D. (Reliable, Accountable, and Dependable). The diverse product lines and their applications in multiple industries further fascinated him. However, it was the incredible company culture that truly sealed the deal for Anthony. He looks forward to coming to work every day, a sentiment he knows not many people get to experience.

Outside of work, Anthony is an avid lover of the outdoors. He enjoys going for walks with his two dogs and taking them to the park. He and his wife share a passion for mountain biking and have explored various biking destinations, including MOAB in Utah. During the pandemic, they embarked on an incredible six-month journey, traveling in a camper van across the country. Anthony also assists his wife in her furniture restoration business, showcasing his woodworking skills.

In addition to his adventurous spirit, Anthony has a deep appreciation for mystery thrillers and sci-fi shows. His all-time favorite series is "The Twilight Zone," and he finds great enjoyment in exploring unsolved mysteries.

Anthony is excited about his future with Felins, Inc. and the company's potential for growth. He aspires to be an integral part of the changes and shifts that lie ahead. In his own words, "I’m looking forward to growing with this company and seeing how far we can go. I want to be a part of that change and shift." We are thrilled to have someone as sharp as Anthony as part of our team and eagerly anticipate the contributions he will make.


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