Introducing our BRAND NEW MS-420 machines!

ms-420 heat seal banding and packaging machine

For years, the MS-420 machine has been one of the most elite portable heat sealers on the market. But, to fulfill our core value of Continuous Improvement, we’re now offering an updated model of the fixed-arch machine that’s even more flexible for nearly any application.



The updated small heat sealer has two new features to better prevent and correct jams when they happen:

  • PROCESS FLEXIBILITY. No two applications are the same. Luckily, the MS-420 now has built-in flexibility to allow you to customize how the machine runs for each of your applications. With this new feature, you can determine when material feeds into the machine. If cycle time is important to you, material can be fed right away. But, if your operators need a moment for quality checks between cycles, the machine can allow for that too. Either way, the updated MS-420 banding machine will bundle your products in a fast, consistent manner.
  • RESET BUTTON. ​We all make mistakes (right?). When we do, it’d be great to reach for a quick “RESET” button (right?!). Well, you’re in luck because the MS-420 has one! With the press of a button, accidental jams and misfeeds can be quickly cleared without disrupting production.



Everything else! The machine still features:

  • HEAT SEAL TECHNOLOGY. The new model uses the same impulse heat-seal technology as the original MS-420 machine. It still does not require any warm-up time and virtually eliminates the occurrence of burn-related injuries to operators.
  • ADJUSTABLE BAND TENSION. Tension can be quickly changed so products of varying size and strength can be bundled with the same machine.  
  • DISPENSER OPTIONS. The machine can house small rolls of material in the front panel or be fit with a jumbo roll dispenser underneath the machine that reduces the number of required roll changes.
  • MOBILITY. Whether you’re in need of a table-top or stand-alone machine, the MS-420 can adapt to your space requirements. With the addition of the jumbo roll dispenser, the table-top machine quickly becomes a fully-adjustable stand-alone machine.
  • MATERIAL. We offer a variety of material options for the MS-420. Our materials are designed to flow through the machine better than other, low quality banding materials.
  • COST. The best part? The price hasn’t changed! That’s right, you can get a NEW AND IMPROVED MS-420 for the same cost as the previous version! 


Interested in seeing your product banded in the new MS-420? It’s easy, just give us a call!

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