Innovation in Packaging Takes the Stage at PACK/Pharma Expo - 2014

Innovation in a Bundle



Innovation can come in small packages that make a big impact on the bottom line.  Learn how bundling will change your idea of packaging and spark your imagination for greatly improving your company’s position.


PACK/ Pharma Expo invited Andrew Barrieau, President and CEO of Felins USA, to educate packaging professionals on often overlooked, but simple techniques to secure products while enhancing a company’s sustainable packaging efforts. 


This short, informative presentation will compare and contrast current packaging practices with alternatives that save money, time, energy, materials and still protect the product while it is in transit.  Using these simple bundling techniques, packaging companies have reduced waste and time by 20 – 60%. 


To learn how bundling can enhance your company’s sustainability efforts and bottom line, attend:

“Innovation in a Bundle”

Speaker:  Andrew Barrieau, CEO & President, Felins USA

PACK/ Pharma Expo 2014

McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois

November 4, 2014

11:00 am.


Who should attend? 

Packaging Engineers, Package Design Engineers, Contract Packagers, Pharmaceutical Packagers, Packaging Plant Supervisors and Operators, End-of-line Process Managers, Sustainability Officers, CEOs, CFOs, Plant Managers, Marketing & Brand Managers, Quality Assurance, General or Corporate Management.  

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