Increase Productivity While Securing Wood Bundles

Tandem Flex-Strap Saves Time

The wood industry has used wrapping and flexible strapping to secure and protect delicate wood products during production and shipment for a long time.  This proven packaging method keeps trim kits, wood pieces and valuable moulding work free from scuffs, nicks and damage.  The end result: the product arrives in stores and at customers the way it left the plant.


Often, wood wrapping machines can be time and labor-intensive, resulting in back-logs and overtime work, cutting into profits.  The Tandem Flex-Strap™ is one way to reduce the time needed for wrapping wood pieces. Configured to specific plant needs and any size product, it is a versatile system.  


This system puts on two wraps at once, extensively cutting the time needed to package pieces for transit. Requiring only one operator, it cuts labor as well. When the tandem configuration is not needed, it can be moved and used as two separate Flex-Strap machines.  


Felins USA will feature the Tandem Flex-Strap system in their booth at the IWF-14 show in Atlanta, Georgia on August 20-23, 2014.  The Georgia World Congress Center is the home of the IWF.  Stop by Booth 7439 to view this unique bundling solution for wood and ask the bundling experts how to configure a solution for your plant’s needs.  


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