Commercial Laundry Eliminates Backlog with Felins Solution

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American Linen & Uniform Supply (American Linen) has eliminated their backlog and replaced a labor intensive process with an automated solution. 

Founded in 1949, American Linen & Uniform Supply (American Linen) is a family owned and operated linen and uniform supply company in New Mexico that prides itself on providing a wide range of products – from work clothes, hospitality uniforms and scrubs to cleaning supplies and sanitary items – and superior service to all customers in the Southwest US. 

For almost 70 years, American Linen had 4 stations for wrapping products with kraft natural paper and 100% cotton twine. Not only did the opaque material require workers and customers to break bundles to see the contents, the wrapping process was highly labor intensive. With increasing labor costs and a desire to grow their PPOH, President and CEO Mike Lutz knew the facility needed a more efficient, less labor intensive solution. Lutz was referred to Felins by two other linen companies who experienced success with shrink wrapping systems. 

Just in time for American Linens’s 70-year anniversary, Felins and Lutz identified a semi-automatic shrink wrapping solution to best meet the linen company’s needs. Perfect for their growing facility, the system accommodates a fairly small footprint and only requires one operator. 

Since installation, American Linen has been extremely impressed with their newer, more streamlined system that replaced 4 manually-operated machines with 1 semi-automated Felins shrink wrapper. With lower operating costs than ever before, American Linen and its customers are extraordinarily happy, especially with the clear shrink wrap that allows for full product visibility. 

"It's been a great piece of equipment for us," says Lutz. "We're happy with it."