In 1921 Fred E Lins invented a more efficient way to tie sausage links and leveraged his invention to start a revolutionary new packaging company.  Fred’s never ending drive for continuous improvement and efficiency is what still motivates us today. In addition to the tying technology that Fred started over 90 years ago, we offer  paper and plastic banders that seal with heat or ultra-sonics, automatic rubber banding machines, shrink wrap solutions, strapping machines, stretch film solutions and, of course, our tying solutions.  We offer solutions ranging from easy-to-use table top units to fully automated and customized engineered systems.

Felins automated packaging equipment is an alternative to traditional packaging and fits into any organization’s sustainability and efficiency initiatives because our machines:

  • Save labor
  • Reduce repetitive motion injuries
  • Decrease material costs
  • Decrease packaging waste (less goes to landfills)
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease cycle times
  • Are easily operated and maintained
  • Present the proper image for your company
  • Protect products properly and securely
  • Offer an economical way to bundle and present products

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  Tying is the technology that Felins was founded on, and since then we have spent the last 100+ years perfecting it. The most economical method for…
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