Label your food products (and non-food products) without adhesives, stickers, glues, or heat! From adhesive-free labelers to automatic sleevers, Felins has the labeling system for any product of any size. We understand what it takes to be a trusted partner in the food and produce industries. Whether you're looking to label produce, thermoformed meat products, multipacks, club packs, trays, skinpacks, and more - your products are safe with us, as our systems provide damage-free, heatless, and adhesive-free ways to label your applications.  Best of all, this technology is sustainable using FDA approved, recyclable consumable materials.

Labeling Apples

what is banding?

Banding is an alternative packaging method that uses ultrasonic technology paired with tension to bundle products together. This method is robust, capable of running millions of cycles! 



We have many resources to learn more about our product labeling systems, we suggest starting with one of the following three options:

1. Head over to our Food Industry page

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2. Check us out at Pack Expo Connects

The virtual Pack Expo show is hosted by PMMI and happening soon. Felins will be showcasing many of our packaging systems including semi-automatic and automatic banders, adhesive-free labelers, automatic sleevers, automatic tying machines, heat seal  banders, and more.  We will also have live demos, a product gallery, videos, 360 degree photos, one-on-one chats will be available with our team of experts, show specials, and additional information that will be free to download! Sign up today by clicking on this link here

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